VINIEO Top 10 reasons you need Product Information Management for retail and multi-channel ecommerce

Top 10 Reasons You Need Product Information Management For Retail and Multi-Channel Ecommerce

February 21, 2018 posted by VANI

For companies engaged in multi-channel ecommerce, a cloud-based system for Product Information Management benefits almost every area of the business. Customers especially benefit from an omni channel experience, and they show their appreciation with increased loyalty and sales. Here are the top ten ways a cloud based PIM benefits the omni-channel retailer Read More...

VINIEO break through content clutter once and for all

Break Through Content Clutter Once and For All

August 23, 2017 posted by VANI

According to ACI, your customers are bombarded with a choice of more than 5 exabytes of NEW data every day online. Your competition does not have to be in your industry to take your audience from you - noise is enough to distract a prospect from converting Read More...

VINIEO How to create personalized payment options for ecommerce customers

A Guide To Gateways: How To Create Personalized Payment Options For Ecommerce Customers

August 11, 2017 posted by VANI

When it comes to B2C ecommerce solutions, flexibility is the name of the game. The better you appeal to a wide range of consumers, the easier it will be to attract a large and loyal pool of customers Read More...

VINIEO Product Storytelling via Advanced PIM Platforms

Product Storytelling via Advanced PIM Platforms

April 24, 2017 posted by SAMSON

Product information management (PIM) is a multi-discipline approach to the clear and effective management, and transmission, of information needed to market and sell your brand, products, and services via a multitude of distribution channels Read More...

E-commerce gets easy with Product Information Management

March 15, 2017 posted by SAMSON

As e-commerce continues to change the way customers shop and acquire goods, being able to provide an enriched experience is key. Using a product information management system helps keep track of all inventory, while allowing the customers Read More...

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